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AMEL’s philosophy:


AMEL’s philosophy is very simple: Be innovative. Innovation begins when one changes the way one looks at things. Therefore, innovation is not always a new technology. Innovation is creating more effective processes, products and ideas.  Innovation starts by asking questions to challenge so called “standard” or “routine”. Thus, innovation requires looking, listening, learning, writing and practicing. AMEL’s innovation starts by asking questions which not only lead to solutions but also define the core problem(s). We make sure every employee of AMEL not only knows its philosophy but lives and work with it everyday

Melek Yalcintas
Founder, President
Ph.D., P.E., CxA, LEED-AP, CEM

Dr. Melek Yalcintas is the Founder and President of AMEL Technologies, Inc. She has been providing professional engineering and consulting services in Hawaii since 2000. Dr. Yalcintas has published more than 30 journal papers in various aspects of mechanical engineering with over a dozen of these papers emphasizing energy efficiency for buildings in Hawaii.

Abidin Kaya
Vice President
Ph.D., P.E., LEED-AP, CxA

Dr. Abidin Kaya is the Vice President of AMEL. He has been practicing in Hawaii since 2002 and published more than 80 technical papers on various aspects of Civil Enginering with emphasisi on Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Management

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